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Khora art :)


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Hi this is my first and probably will be my only post to the forum! I’m a more recent player to warframe and I don’t often do art of armor/heavily detailed characters but I gave it a shot and drew Khora since I was recently gifted about 30 plat which was what I needed to be able to purchase her :’) am very thankful for that, anyways! Here’s her!


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Pain of trying to add photo without knowing how to add photo lol
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1 hour ago, (PSN)LocoCrazy_ said:

Fantastic! I dig the hatch work a lot! 

Thank you very much! 💕 I feel like when it comes to inking metals that hatching seems to help a lot to still give an effect to help make it seem that “it’s metal” 🤔 but that could just be my personal preference lol (:

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