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Kuva - Could use more to do with it


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The game seems to treat Kuva as a stand-out resource; there are always various Kuva Siphon missions up to get Kuva, Lich/Sister fights grant Kuva, Kuva is one of the rewards for the daily Sortie, and there's even a Nightwave reward tier that just provides Kuva.  It seems like Kuva is treated as a sort of evergreen reward, which is odd because it's use is so niche.

With the exception of a short list of blueprints, there's nothing to do with Kuva besides re-roll Rivens.  So if you're not into Rivens, it just sits there and accumulates.  It would be cool if there were more to do with it, something that casual players could do to make use of this resource we're constantly being fed.

Honestly, I'm not sure what that would be.  My lone idea is that it would be nice to be able to feed it to Helminth.  At least then it could be useful to folks who aren't riding that Riven grind.

Thanks for hearing my feedback!

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9 hours ago, LillyRaccune said:

Maybe our operator could drink kuva for a temporary damage/defense boost?


Oh I might get 2 shot instead of one shot in high level missions.

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Operators need a lot of work and some shields to be anything more than a battery or a void dash spam.

I'm thinking kuva could be a substitute for endo to level mods for people that don't do rivens.

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