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Off-Sync Prime Accent Tints (Solution And Idea)


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Hey there.


I've recently gotten a lot of Prime equipment, both the warframes and the weapons and it's been a small peeve to me that the tint of the 'Prime Gold' for Warframes and weapons are a little out of sync - Golden accents on the warframes are a much paler tint of gold than the accents on the weapons. 


The gold present on warframes appear more solid and pale with little emphasis on reflective shine, whereas the accents presents on Prime weapons reflect a lot more of the yellow when directed into light with a darker impression on areas not reflecting light, making it appear almost like glass on weapons like the paris.


Obviously (If it's even a problem at all), this is a small concern and rather than making a fix that involves choosing between which of the two different tints to sync, wouldn't it instead be better to allow players to choose the tint range of the Prime accents on warframes and weapons? 


Now as far as I know, there is almost always one untintable aspect on a Prime warframe or weapon that can't be visually altered (excluding only Mag Prime's Tint Color 4). Tint Color 4 is otherwise used as small details on some alt helmets.


Perhaps it would be possible to add/replace a modified palette shader that allows players to re-tint the golden accents of prime weapons and frames:

If you wanted the gold like what is currently on the Prime Warframes, then you use paler yellow colours to create the solid pale gold, on the other hand, if you preferred the tint on the Prime weapons, then use darker shades of yellow for the richer, pearlescent gold.


That covers tints already present, but it would also open up further customisation with the use of other colours than the yellow shades: 

If you were to use another colour, say blue, then the shader could apply a blue tint to the part reflected by the light on the weapon (the style of gold changeable by the intensity of the actual colour).


This is hard to explain (It's not allowing me to upload an image to express this), but the basic concept is:


  • 1 - Replace Tint Color 4 on Prime weapons and warframes with a shader that adjusts the tint of the Prime accents



  • 2 - This shader will adjust the hue of the reflective tint with its colour (keeping the gold parts gold with a coloured sheen)



  • 3 - The intensity of the colour will adjust the style of gold received on the rest of the Prime component; Pale colours will range it closer to the gold present on warframes (solid and pale), more intense colours darken the gold to suit the style of Prime weaponry (sleek, shiny and metallic).

As for the tints that are affected by the use of Tint Color 4, the best compromise would be to connect them with other colour options i.e. Frost's Squall helmet detail on tint 4 could be moved with tint 3, whereas a more drastic change such as Mag's tint 4 could be moved to the secondary tint or tint 3.


I understand that this is a lot of trouble to bypass such a small inconsistency, but if the time arises where this could be implemented, then it could not only synergise the colours correctly, but open up a better range of customisation for some of the more likely endgame characters and weapons currently present.


It's a big fuss over a small problem, but it's an idea where an idea could be issued. It's not going to solve any bug (instead will probably cause a few), but it's a solution for the small things for whenever it could be needed.


Thanks for your time.

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