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I replayed The Sacrifice and noted all the visual bugs I could find


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There are a few new visual bugs I have noticed when playing through The Sacrifice. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enhanced Graphics Engine Enabled, Settings on the Default High Preset with Motion Blur Turned Off


1. When you first equip umbra and he grabs your throat, the operator appears before they are supposed to. You are supposed to be forced out of transference and appear for umbra to grab you. But the operator is in the scene the whole time. Well not the whole operator, but their suit is there. Their head doesn't appear until it is supposed to after the transference visual effect. 

- I was using the Bishamo Armor set, in case it is relevant

- This bug seems to be reproducible every time as I have seen it on streams of other players.


2. When you first enter Umbra's mind there is a missing fade in. In all the other times when you do this it fades into the scene. In the first one it immediately pops you into the scene and then does a fade to black and then back in a second later. I did not used to do this.

- This bug is reproducible every time.


3. In the final scene when you are in Umbra's mind, and your operator is there, the lighting on the tree in the background shifts. Sometimes there is light coming from behind in rays through fog like it is in all the other scenes, but sometimes that goes away and it is just the silhouette of the tree. This also seems to cause the weird flickering and lighting shifts in the scene all around. 

- This could be potentially related to the Enhanced Engine, but I have not tested it.

- Seemingly Reproducible every time, I have seen it on other players videos.


Thanks for all your hard work!

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