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Fortuna Elevator and (spoiler) mode not working


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The after the bug has occurred, you are unable to use the Fortuna elevator or operator mode within Fortuna. I am on Xbox Warframe Sisters of Parvos build (as of 18.08.2021) with default settings in solo matchmaking. 
How to recreate:

Step 1: In Fortuna, enter Operator mode.

Step 2: Enter the elevator, your transference should be cut short and you should be in your Warframe  now. 
Step 4: Fast travel out of the elevator. 
When you enter the elevator as an Operator, the doors should shut, but the elevator does not move upwards, and the minimap does not change. After you fast travel out of the elevator, you cannot use transference and the doors to the elevator do not open from outside. You can also partially walk through the door when you are in the elevator. I’d attach a video if I knew how too. After further testing I deducted that this works with any Warframe. I am sorry if this is in the wrong place, this is my first bug report. 

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