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GARA prime (4) Mass BUGification


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So where to start ...

1) melee classes still doing a funky dance around an axe at the wall collision point, already painfull to shoot moving targets but this make it painful²

2) depending on lighting, wall become excessively opaque and can barelly see something on other side, although i haven't tested without any colors but seems more due to how wall handle light reflection than color issue.

3) due to ( see 1 ) some sneaky dudes can manage to pass through mass vitrification wall somehow.

4) vitrificated goons keep firing their guns ( no it wasn't automatic fire mode, at least it would make sense this way ). when they were already firing when vitrification happened, i'm aware that hardening take a little time to get complete but animation was ended for like 2/3 sec and 3 times some dudes were still shooting ( over 10 min of hydron defence mission ).

be well.

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