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Can we please get a universal bane mod

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I think the idea of universal faction bane mods lends itself to the school of thinking that mod builds are irrelevant. Example: I put Serration and Hornet Strike on every single gun, so perhaps some think those mods should be permanently removed and DE should just buff the base damage of all guns. Needless to say, I'm not fond of that idea.

Perhaps a different kind of buff against enemies would be in order. Instead of "faction bane" we could get a few "unit bane" mods. Such as heavy units bane, support units bane, or eximus units bane. The weapons equipped with those mods would become extra effective on those types of units regardless of the faction they are from. But of course that would get messy fast! Corpus Techs are heavy and Shield Ospreys are support, while Ancient Disruptors and Ancient Healers are both heavy and support. And eximus units are meant to be tough, so that defeats the point.

Even if we got different Bane mods, in a few weeks we would have geniuses saying "give us universal unit bane mods" instead. I feel like this is a circular topic and we should "close the loop".


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Separating faction mods encourage players to bring multiple weapons for different factions. ie primary for grinner, sidearm for corpus etc.

If players want to min-max damage, they got to put the effort to config and bring multiple weapons. More interesting gameplay than 1 weapon for all.

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12 hours ago, Politically_Correct_Name said:

That would be the best scenario however the damage they add would need to be made up somewhere.

Yeah, I expect that would have to happen. I considered adding a "and rebalance weapons where necessary" but that opens me to a can of worms I can't really deal with. If we just yank Bane mods, that'll for sure hurt some people who use them severely so SOMETHING needs to happen. I just hate the kind of design they stand for, is all.


10 hours ago, Aldain said:

Bane mods are some of the most obtuse power creep in the game, they, much like riven mods, serve as an excuse against persistent weapon balancing and should get the Old Yeller treatment asap.

Completely agreed. Having to build weapons differently against different factions is one thing. That's a legit bit of design. Doing it through "deal more damage against X faction" mods is just uncreative and lazy. Corpus Shield Gating showed us that core weapon design itself can be used to balance different weapons against different factions. If we want that to be a part of the game, we ought to go in that direction, instead.

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20 hours ago, (PSN)x-xWiCKeDx-x said:

This is the purpose of multiple load out slots and build slots. As nice as it would be this will never happen.

You are probably right but we can hope.  I still think it would be a simple to implement quality of life improvement for the players that use faction mods.  I dont see how it would hurt anyone who doesn't. From reading through it seems like the opposition is directed more at the existence of faction mods and their implementation which I actually personally agree with, my idea is just to improve the current system until they feel it needs reworked.  Most games that I play have "damage to xyz" stats so its not a unique feature.

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Don't know if anyone has said this but subsuming Rhino's Roar can be a bit of a bandaid solution for any frames that use Strength and Duration builds because the damage buff from Roar is treated like a Faction Damage Buff during damage calculation. (Double dipped by damaging statuses)

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On 2021-08-21 at 3:12 AM, Politically_Correct_Name said:

Thats a great idea ive heard some ppl suggest, my issue is I like using a lot of frames for different things man, I kinda wish I could have a main.

I have a main per week now with the invigoration. I pick the frame I like the most from the options and stick to it for the week. Occasionally switching to another loadout if I do some specific missions that require more setup.

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