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De Please Read - Captain Vor's Horrible Drop Rate, Host Migration Taking My Items


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This happened a week or two ago, although I never got around to posting it.  I don't know if this a bug or if I was just unlucky, but I was trying to craft myself some KUNAI and I noticed I was one morphic short.  So I headed off to mercury to get one from Captain Vor.  I was pleased to find one the first time, but then a host migration took it away, when I noticed this I was slightly annoyed but not to bad since it's not to hard to do it one more time, right?  Well I was wrong, I did the level 37 times (Yes, I counted) before I found another morphic. Of course I was frustrated of doing it over and over, but what frustrated me more was that I got it the first time and the host migration stole it from me. :(


Anyway, I don't think his morphic drop rate is to low since I have never had a problem like that with him before so I will assume that I was just really unlucky.  But seriously DE, please prevent the host migration from taking my items!


                                                                                                                   Thank you for your time,


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It's best to play a survival level when farming resources. So many enemies spawn that there is a good chance of finding multiple of the rare resources per run. Depending on the mission type and difficulty, I always try to play solo to both have more fun and avoid host migration issues. But yes, the host migration issue needs fixing. 


Edit: Morphics alert up right now. DE heard your cries! 

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