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Make All Mission Types "Endless" (or, the "replay mission" button)


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Seems crazy I know, but actually what I am trying to propose is a "replay mission" button on the stats screen at extract before the load screen back to the orbiter. This is just a QOL change.

Honestly, considering how many people mainly just look to run endless mission types if at all possible when farming anything like prime parts kind of goes to show that it's a little bit of a nuisance to: 1) extract, 2) watch the ship fly off, 3) screen fades out, 4) load in to the orbiter, 5) wait for the stats screen to respond, 6) select replay mission, 7) wait the 5 second countdown, 8) wait through the mission loading, 9) mash the spacebar to skip the cut scene, 10) and then finally you are back in action. That's a lot of steps.
Ideally, it would be great if exterminate, capture, sabotage, etc just had a "return to mission start" teleporter at extract that would basically send you back to the beginning, refresh all the objectives and enemies and allow you to run again completely uninterrupted like a true endless mission (maybe enemies can scale or something on refresh), but if that's not possible, then simply adding a "repeat mission" button on the first stat screen before extract that would simply jump right into the mission load screen skipping steps 1 - 7, getting you back into the action almost as quickly as any other endless mission type.



Oh, and probably more importantly is that this "repeat mission" before extract button is added on mission failure too. It's funny, back in 2014 when I had only played 30 hours of this game, I wrote a review. I re-read that review recently and in my review I pretty much brought up this exact same complaint about the amount of time the game likes to waste before getting you back into your mission. Funny how that complaint hasn't seemed to have changed since 2014. I think this is very important for new players.

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