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WTS Kuva Liches with full Mask/Ephemera/ High Weapon Percentage

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IGN: Lineage130


Kuva Seer 25% heat w/ full MASK & Quirk PMO

‌Kuvaa Zarr 25% heat w/ Ephemera 80p

‌Kuva Hek 31% heat w/ Ephemera 100p

‌Kuva Hek 45% heat w/ Ephemera & Mask PMO

‌Kuva Kohm 52% toxin 200p

‌Kuva Kohm 53% cold w/ Ephemera 300p

‌Kuva Grattler 39% toxin w/ full mask PMO 


Whisper in-game or comment below for reservations.


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