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Archguns on-foot...


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So I been playing as Protea w/ Kuva Grattler as my main weapon.  I try to have the grattler out at all times.

I noticed while doing Mobile Defense missions if I am carrying the Data-Mass and use it on a console my Archgun gets put away and also inflicts the out of ammo timer.   This happens every time you have an archgun out and use a data mass on a console.   I did it multiple times on multiple different maps.   

What should be happening is that you use the Data Mass on the console but you still have your archgun equipped afterwards.   Or at the very least.... you do not suffer a timer to re-equip your archgun.  

With normal data mass/console animations it must do a forced swap weapon animation after you use the data mass, and when you are using an archgun its swapping out for a normal gun.


Hate data mass animations/interactions.   They need to be redsigned so warframes do not have to hold them in their hands.   They should slap them on their back or thigh to carry them around so it doesnt interfere with the weapons they are holding or air-gliding.

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