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Yareli Movement & Stat Changes!

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Her kit doesnt function in a meaningful way, number changes arent the issue. Also hopefully they fixed how janky she is in certain tile sets. The dash roll is good for momentum and adjusting jump will make her feel better to play. But her abilities need to scale better with stat mods and her ult needs to be replaced or changed
1 Snares enemies where they stand, can be spread out.
2 K drive
3 Close range AoE around you DPS, where you need to stay on the target to deal meaningful damage
4 Groups up enemies while locking you in place, then splooges the enemies all over the map.

None of these synergize together. 
There are a lot of possibilities in her kit, but needs more synergy
Maybe enemies caught in her 1 when you use her 4 dont get ragdolled all over the place and sorta magnatize together at the epicenter. And if you use your 3 on an enemy caught in her 1 it will spread the 1 to more enemies regardless of cap. 

She needs something meaningful like that. 

Also her abilities need to do something extra while on your K drive. Else why be on your k-drive? For the damage reduction? Just shield gate.

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11 minutes ago, Sasquatchias said:

Will there be any changes to the general slide-y feel to her movement on Merulina?

In Open World gameplay the K-Drives movement works fine, but in smaller maps where you're going through hallways and corridors the loose turning makes it hard to maneuver around.

Absolutely should focus on making it less slidey. They changed archwing in a similar way to give us more control. Best change the made to archwing alongside universal blink. Personally I'd rather have more control over than a dash function.

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These are actually really good changes however this doesn’t solve the fact that here 3rd ability is comparitively bad when we have secondaries that have the hemorage mod which does 10% of total damage done if you proc an impact status as slash proc and since we have aoe weapons I’d much rather just replace the 3rd ability in most situations as it’s just well bad to get up close and personal to enemies that are shottingbtou in the face especially when on kdrive. Other that that these changes are decent at most

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While something that makes more sense as a cohesive frame would have been appreciated (adding kdrive mods to merulina, giving merulina more mechanics that actually interact with yareli's abilities instead of just happening to exist in the same space such as making all of her CC as mobile as yareli is instead of making them stationary and boring, using the existing kdrive trick meter as some kind of scaling empowerment to yareli's kit, making merulina a weapon instead of merely a movement platform), I appreciate whatever immediate changes you can make, and hope for the best later on. I will probably continue to leave her out of my regular usage, unfortunately. Her loose and unrefined design is greatly overshadowed by the previously release of Sevagoth.

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I have played Yareli loads since she has come out! While I know no one would rank her as a top Warframe, I have had a blast playing her. Never a dull moment.

I have compiled some bugs I have encountered in a Google Document, there is still many issues that occur while Yareli is riding Merulina. 


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The movement stuff looks nice and i look forward to testing it myself. The buffs to the abilities less so as the abilities are very weak already, at least when it comes to armored enemies at anything beyond lv60-70. 

Sea snares: Decent change, should make it more useful. Please fix the bubbles colliding with obstacles and popping without hitting enemies. Still weak compared to various other CC abilities such as condemn.

Aqua blades: Its a start, the ability will still be bad as the range is still tiny and the damage so low you need to hug even basic enemies for several seconds to kill them. At least at higher levels.

Riptide: Its problem was never range from what I've seen. It has line of sight checks which prevent it from hitting enemies randomly on any map with obstacles which end up limiting it a lot. Its damage also doesn't scale high enough and it falls off /hard/ against higher level armored enemies. On steel path it cant even kill corpus reliably with like 20 enemies in it. Its useful for popping loot containers, so that's something that can use the range.


Proposed changes: 

Sea snares: Works as it does now, but stops seeking through walls or can just pass through walls entirely. When a held enemy dies it shoots off a couple more bubbles towards nearby enemies and hold them. This will make it a lot more effective in general when it comes to CCing the large amount of enemies we usually face.

Merulina: Move the damage "split" component to after the frames DR. So if you take 100 damage with 90% adaptation merulina takes 7.5 damage rather than 75. Obviously fix bugs, but that goes for everything. Making merulina moddable is optional. Letting the damage splitting be modded up to 90% in addition to this would make this a very good survivability ability.

Aqua blades: Frontload its damage and add level scaling. So rather than having to sit next to the enemy you can now hit them once and drop a decent bleed proc on them. With scaling damage it should be perfectly usable even into the steel path. To keep it from going insanely OP if you sit on the enemy, just limit it to being able to hit any given enemy once every 6 seconds, so its limited to one stack of bleed.

Riptide: Make this strip defenses during the initial damage pulses so that when the big final hit comes it does full damage. This defense reduction can time out a second or two after the ability ends so you can follow up with a few shots. This would /definitely/ make this work well up in the steel path and make it useful against all factions.

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Added ideas for upgrades to the abilities
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Will the increased bubble visibility register better with the targeting on enemies rather than just floating in place and not seeking enemies after the cast animation?

Will her passive receive an uptime buff after stopped movement?

Will Merulina be able to be modded at some point?

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36 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Sea Snares:
-Increase seek speed by about 60% and slightly increase bubble visibility to better register your casts. 

This is a good start, but may I also suggest increasing the Casting Speed by approximately 25 to 30%? it currently feels sluggish to cast for such a mobile Warframe, and would help it actually land where it needs to! I would also like to suggest an additional effect in Synergy with Aquablades, emitting a Cold Proc AoE for additional crowd control for every hit of Aquablades on Sea Snare victims.

As for other changes to features not reflected here, I would like to suggest Riptide get a functionality change, to either not scatter enemies everywhere, or to instead drag enemies toward Yareli, and for Merulina to double the Range and Damage of Aquablades, as well as double the Sea Snares Yareli can have out at a time, with doubling the amount of snares casted. I think these changes, as well as the changes to Sea Snares, would give Yareli a lot of synergy she was missing to begin with and make her feel a lot more cohesive to play, as well as feeling more incentive to use all of her abilities more often rather than just Aquablades or just Merulina!

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repetitive wording in 1 sentence
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I appreciate the changes and really am glad she's still getting buffs, but on paper these do not seem like they will be very useful. That being said, neither did protea's buffs, but they ended up being amazing, so I'll hold further judgment until the buffs go live.

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2 minutes ago, SherpaRage said:

I'm still curious as to why we still can't affect the range of her 3 in general honestly.

I don't think DE wants Aqua Blades to be affected by min-maxing builds. It's so easy to abuse such a powerful ability with guaranteed slash procs.

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I appreciate the changes. Thank you for looking into her movement system especially! The buffs are also nice to look at.

However, she still lacks a fundamental design that many of the new frames have: direct synergy between her abilities. I've made a little list of ideas for how Sea Snares could be turned into a primer, and how it could work with other abilities. While I don't think it has to have every single thing, I think it's a good baseline to express what I have in mind. Her kit may look okay on its own, but it definitely lacks a certain punch that direct synergy may give.




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I'm sorry, but this just doesn't fix anything...

Putting a bigger area on Riptide doesn't mean it does better damage, even if you can group more enemies. The damage is so low that the multiplier doesn't help. Especially not against armoured enemies, or even against Corpus Shield Gating, they're all still alive at the end of it, and all still scattered about (which is a problem you fixed with Zephyr's Tornado more than two years ago).

Sea Snares seeking faster just means they'll pop against terrain faster, because they seek through walls but can't pass through walls.

And the range and duration on Aqua Blades still doesn't fix the fact that they do a pittance of damage, and deal it in a pattern of three hits with a pause meaning they're only dealing damage half of the time to one enemy.

Yareli needs a functional update to give her something more. Maybe that's ability synergy, like bonus damage for Aqua Blades on enemies that have been Snared. Maybe that's indirect scaling by having enemies that survive Riptide have reduced Defenses.


Anything like that to allow this frame to actually apply her existing functions better to her enemies.

Oh, and quick little thing about Merulina's movement?

Great improvements... does any of this stop her from hitting her head on doors? Because she hits her head on doors. A lot.

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27 minutes ago, .durandle. said:

DE letting us mod Merulina as a k-drive rather than just ripping or existing k-drive mods would also be a major help letting Merulina have a more combat oriented mod loadout if people wanted


24 minutes ago, MrTitan123 said:

No synergy, no fun. The only reason we use Yareli is for that 200% pistol crit passive. Other frames can CC better. A full mechanical rework is the only way Yareli will be able to get much traction. Also WHY is her exalted K-Drive not moddable? It levels separately from her, so it's an exalted thing. But it doesn't scale off its own mods so it's part of Yareli. But if it's part of yareli and not an exalted thing, it shouldn't have its own slot or level separately.


Even if her k-drive is moddable, most K-drive mods suck for ground tile missions. If DE allows it, people would be complain about k-drive mod being lackluster next. I think adding bullet-jump for k-drive is better direction. At least DE is trying to solve k-drive's chunkiness so her k-drive can actually be use in regular missions. 

A properly modded K-drive in regular mission requires entire rework but most likely not going to happen. Just like the pet rework we will never get.

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I don't wanna be that guy but these number changes won't solve her fundamental problems.

1. Sea snares
Still get destroyed if they hit any obstacle and enemy tracking isn't their strongest suit.
To max out the potential you need to spend 3x 25 energy which as a first ability is way too costly compared to how underwhelming is.

2. Merulina
It's a K-drive so not great by default but the changes you just announced may turn it into a good mobility tool. Kudos for that.

3. Aquablades
Previously the damage got doubled and did barely anything beyond lvl30 enemies so not sure if an extra 50% buff will do anything.
Factoring in enemy levels into the damage would make it a much more usable without being absolutely broken.

4. Riptide
The larger range won't solve the issue that after sucking up enemies they get thrown all over the place.
Take a look at how Zephyr got reworked not too long ago. Let them fall to the ground so you can rush into the pile of enemies.

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I’ve had Yareli since day 1 and this still won’t be enough, but I have ideas for improvements and criticisms of these changes.

First, the speed was literally never an issue, the snares just don’t do enough damage because a flat increase will never be enough (look at Hydroid, the puddle increases by a % of an enemy’s health, meaning it’s guaranteed to chunk their health, if it doesn’t outright kill.)

Aquablades’ issue is also not range. Yareli is designed to be extremely mobile, you should be moving around to get everyone anyway. Their damage would be better if it could scale in some way. I would change it so that Yareli could collect sea snares to increase the damage, perhaps similar to how Gara glasses enemies to feed her 4, before shattering it with her 1 to make her 2 hit good levels of damage while still starting low (Notice the trend of synergy in these abilities?)

Lastly, riptide falls off at around level 60 because it scales by the amount of enemies inside, not by their HP or EHP. It also flings enemies around (Which was just fixed for Zephyr) Instead of slamming them downward into a pile. I would improve this by having it also collect sea snares, maybe by throwing them into riptide before it detonates? As well as dropping enemies, rather than throwing them everywhere.

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vor 44 Minuten schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Yareli improvements are incoming, Tenno! You’ve been patiently waiting for word on what changes will come to our latest Warframe, and this Dev Workshop covers our current plans for her kit. Read on!

We have 2 areas that are being buffed: Stats, and Utility. 

Utility Changes: We are introducing a foundational change to Yareli’s movement: Merulina Dashing (tap Roll/Dash)! 

This can be executed in any direction and is effectively a new way to close gaps (or quickly retreat!) and alter the direction of Yareli aboard Merulina! This also enhances the way you can traverse vertically with responsive directional input while in the air. We’ve made a handy .gif to demonstrate just what we mean: 

What you see in this .gif is a vertical traversal that’s currently tough to do with Yareli. However,  with the forward dash the momentum movement now allows for directional maneuvering. Then, we see Yareli Dash both Forward AND Back in the .gif, showing how you can certainly take advantage of this new movement tool!

This is a change that’s best experienced in your hands, but it is certainly a huge improvement for navigating all of Warframes tilesets! 

We have also made some changes to general Merulina movement by allowing for shorter jumps, and reducing overall jump charge time.

Yareli Stat Changes:
We’ve made some Stat changes to Yareli’s abilities as well. These are buffs across the board, and details are as follows: 

Sea Snares:
-Increase seek speed by about 60% and slightly increase bubble visibility to better register your casts. 

-Increase range by just about 25%
-Increase damage and duration by 50%

Bigger is better. The bigger we Rip, the more enemies, the better scaling, and so on!
-Increase radius by 25%

You can look forward to this in our next update, Tenno! 


I think you need to seriously consider giving kdrive melee and primary capabilities. As it stands right now her ability that makes her truly unique locks you out of a significant amount of weapons and with that options. But the actual buff that merulina gives you does not make up for that restriction.

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can we have bullet time on merulina, she'll feel more like a warframe if she had it and also would help with aiming the k-drive in the direction we want to go, as well as there is also no forward momentum when jumping to a ledge on the k-drive, that is if that is what you expect the dash to do.


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This new update coming still don't make her better.  I still see the sand man a more useful frame than Yareli. Her whole kit makes her useless, only her 3rd ability have potential. The rest of her kit is pure cheeks. She reminds me of the stug. Just utterly bad, and extremely disappointing frame. 

Just change her 1,2,and 4 ability. Make them have more synergy or something. She just only useful for only ranking her up, and forgetting all about her in the end. Like K drives.  


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Nice, we'll se how it plays in game.

Is the fix for aquablades not hitting ragdolled ennemies also included ?
And I think her first will need more than that, since it sees through walls but explode while impacting them and since most of the tilesets have, well, walls, it's not really practical you know.
I hope you're still looking at her even after that, but that's a nice start.

And yeah, as said above, Yareli could need a speciality where she could equip primaries on K-drive.
Melee would need animations work I guess, but maybe off hand mêlee like Single pistol + Glaive could be added and it would look really nice

Don't forget to add a synergy between her signature weapon and her, she's the only "new" warframe to not have that gimmick.

Oh, I almost forgot. Merulina's damage reduction isn't high enough and I don't know why you guys didn't made it scale with pwr str, like all the other warframes with DR

Currently Yareli is the warframe the less affected by mods out of all the roster, that's strange and sad.

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Only the mobility changes look nice, tbh.

Her abilities need far more QoL and utility (they aren't getting utility-buffs, just stat-buffs - which is NOT their issue)

Sea Snares - Still tries to target enemies through walls, but can't actually PASS through walls. That seriously need changing (either let them pass through walls, or remove them from attempting to latch on to enemies it sees through walls). Also, it feels very limitted in its effect; This kind of mini-CC with unnoticeable damage is extremely outdated.

Merulina - While those movement changes are nice, it still needs way more. Like allowing vacuum and K-drive modding, for starters. And reduced head height for lessened door collisions.

Aquablades - This is STILL just a subpar DPS-skill. Where's the utility? Where's the synergy? If each strike would restore some health or something, it'd synergize far better with Merulina's protection, at least. Not to mention, making it a bit more attractive as a Helminth-option.
Also, it would be nice if the "dead zone" inside actually dealt damage too. If there was some kind of watery cutting beam semi-connecting the blades to the Warframe, that would make sense of it (EDIT: The Hypatia Ephemera, the radiation Sister one, looks similar when it does its "glow up" ). With that, making it affected by range would then be a purely positive thing too!

Riptide - Still scatters enemies like crazy, making its brief "enemy collecting" effect basicly redundant. It would be nice if it kept enemies gathered somehow (like a in a big watery bubble) after its explosion. Only launch enemies like it does now if they die from the explosion.

So... the meh continues?

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