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Revisit/rework proposals (Chroma and Hydroid mainly, with a few others possibly of interest?)


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I remember posting this in the Discord chat but I'm reposting this here in case anyone - or DE - find any of this useful.

Proposals are each in a spoiler under their frame's name.


For Chroma, his elemental-specific colourations would return, adding 2 more slots to the 'emissive' and 'energy' colour sections which would switch individually rather than trying to mix when elements are cycled aside from the 'main element' selected.
Chroma's 4 gets an alt-use (swap-to) that allows it to stay on him while he exploits the ability to bullet-jump endlessly, and aimglide with no gravity atop freezing the duration of Ward and Armor, while making his 1 adapt and mix elements to better melt down enemies, have condition overload, drastically increase in range, and become free to cast. This would fulfil his draconian design.

Holding his 2 would cause him to roar, stunning and knocking enemies within a distance down and disarming them, using Effigy sounds and a slower animation.
Holding his 3 while his 2 is active sacrifices them both for a secondary shield that is most durable against the currently chosen element (like the Prosecutors, but backwards). Stacking all 4 gives him a window of damage-to-energy/health conversion while causing his shields to flicker off/on wildly.
Chroma's wings can be customized, and the customized wings can also appear on the Effigy - meaning you can swap between the Sentient-looking ones, or the dragon-style Prime ones.

His passive would also include a diluted version of Adaptation that scales for every power in use. This bonus passive turns off when the Effigy is deployed.
These changes would in my eyes perfect Chroma.



Hydroid's powers would have no windup, he is meant to be fast and vast, like a pirate across the ocean. 
His 1 would fire from him with a hold to fire a wider AOE, top-down barrage that goes from ceiling to floor. Said 1 would also drastically reduce all resistances to repeat casts of the spell, literally washing away his enemies with occasional, random lightning strikes. 
2 would have a 'tap to pull enemies to an area' which would deal impact and puncture damage to enemies still affected by his 1 and would be used to hold them still to wash them out.  2's hold would have him surge into them like before, but not intended for travel, knocking them down and making them open to melee finishers - where his Nami Skyla would come into play.
His 3 would move much faster with a gradient between being 'inert' and spreading like a vast pool, and being a fast river-stream; enemies caught inside would immediately drop loot and become less resistant to his previous abilities, which he would be able to cast without cost in this state. Casting 2 has a much wider area of effect and will spread his Bottomless Sea, increasing the drain on his energy. An alternative method is for him to be able to recast it to 'unearth' the sea into a giant waterglobe, acting akin to Limbo's Cataclysm (slowing enemies down and reducing accuracy by a lot, making them vulnerable, stripping armour and so on; his 1 and 2 would be free to cast in there in exchange for shrinking the globe's duration).
His 4 would be a summon that lasts until destroyed - which will still have its many tendrils, having additional modelling done so it can be shown travelling through water rifts; it would slowly follow Hydroid, and reappear at his location if he uses his 3 for a few seconds. His passive would change to leaving a puddle wherever his powers are cast. Recasting 4 dismisses the creature. Functionally would be akin to a Golden Maw, but organic and bigger.

This will give Hydroid his piracy.

Additional ideas:


Frost's passive becomes a bar that scales on frequency of power cast, which speeds up power casting speed and efficiency, and increases the size of an unmoddable freezing aura. Overstepping the limit of the bar slows him down but ramps up armour and applies that armour bonus to shields; adds a cold damage amplifier to all attacks.



Revenant gains two abilities he can swap to.
Eidolon Blastelyst; a swap-to from Enthrall that allows Revenant to conjure a Spectral, sized-down Sentient Teralyst cannon.
Rainsong Danse; swap-to from his typical rotating death disco dance. Revenant casts his energy-sheathed hand skyward, and begins to dance as the hand projects a continuous raining cascade of volatile Eidolon energies, leaving explosions around him. Thralls killed by this cause a weaker copy of the ability's 'fountain of explosions' to begin on their corpses.



Loki's passive makes him less detectable as well as increasing wall-latch/aimglide durations.
Loki's decoy borrows your equipped ranged weapons and actually does damage, and can be asked to follow; enemies will still kill the poor fellow in one shot but that's his purpose - to misdirect.
Switch-teleport gives allied Tenno you switch-teleported with the energy you used to switch-teleport but locks you out of switch-teleporting with them for a few seconds.
Loki's invisibility has a toggle to a version that turns on when enemies are nearby and drains energy over time instead of a pure-duration version; pure-duration version can be shared with teammates, but halves duration.
Loki's ult will spawn 4 decoys - one in every cardinal direction. If one dies, they explode in a flashbang, exposing enemies and speeding up Loki's finisher attack speed, all 4 dying amplifies his finisher damage by 4x for a short duration.



Enemies confused by Nyx will prioritise the enemy Nyx's Mind-Controlled minion is shooting at.



Ash's Shuriken can be modded and act as an exalted sidearm; stealth-kills with Shuriken trigger Smokescreen/invisibility. Headshots deal massive bleeds to unsuspecting enemies and render them unable to alert other enemies, unless they're not organic.
Smoke emitter; toggle for Smokescreen, allows Ash to drain energy to stay invisible, but enemies too close will be stunned and may cough, alerting nearby enemies. 



Inaros' abilities become stronger/larger-range the more enemies are affected by them, recast frequently to keep making him stronger so he can be pharoh of power strength. Subsumed powers have less (25% to 75%) benefit from this.
Inaros' 2 instantly turns an enemy into a sand-shadow if they're affected by his 1 and killed by Inaros, and generates a sand totem that can be interacted with for heals.
Inaros' sandstorm damage scales with enemies in the sandstorm. Sandstorm can be left and entered by tapping after initial cast, hold to 'drop' it.
Inaros' 4 deals finisher damage to enemies in a sandstorm affected by his 1.

That's pretty much all I came up with. You may have other ideas, and I would appreciate seeing them heard out here. If there's a general rework/revisit thread feel free to steal these ideas to put in there.

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- Chroma mainly just needs his 1 and 4 looking at (as usual): his 1 is useful for chnaging elements on the fly but the breath is still pathetic compared to what a dragon should be capable of: it should be a much larger, wider beam with significant DoT and usign the proper beam damage calculation for maximum effectiveness. I wouldn't mind so much, but you can't use guns whilst in Spectral Scream, so it should be at least as strong as an Ignis, if not more so. his 4 needs the same buffs as well as gretaly reduiced energy drain over time (or make it duration based.)

- Hydroid.. needs a full rework. I already mentioned it in a couple threads so rather than copy it all again, I'm just gonna say: Davy Jones kraken-summoner as a warframe. Yareli can keep the water theme, I just want Hydroid to be the bada$$ pirate and commander of giant sea monsters I know he should be! I'll still link the Davy Jones Organ music thoguh, because EVERYONE should hear it:



- Frost needs more aggressive powers for use in other game modes: I'd like a mechanic where using his 1 and 4 to freeze enemeis, and then killing them creates Ice Shards, which can then be thrown at enemeis for high slash damage by casting one again. I'd also replace his 2 with a 360-degree AoE that creaets a cold slowing effect, but casting 1 on it impales enemies on icicles that shoot up from the ground, a bit like divine Spears. Snowglobe would remain the same though. seriously, if I had ice-summoning powers like Frost, first thing I'd do in a fight to the death is use icicles to impale my enemies.

- Revenant isn't too bad IMO, but could maybe use a buff to Enthralled minions, and maybe to Reave's damage.

- I know Loki needs a rework, but I couldn't tell you what it should look like: I know that if his decoy is being kept though, it should be able to do damage and should scale off something other than power strength, which nobody mods for on him. doubt it'll ever happen though because the "loki master race" will emerge from the woodwork.

- Nyx should have at least one properly damaging ability, like one where you mind control enemies into shooting/stabbing themselves with their weapons. again, in a fight to the death, if I had her powers, the most logical thing to do is make the enemy hurt or kill themselves before they can do anything. should have been an ability from the start IMO. also make Assimilate part of her 4 as standard, the Augment could allow her to cast a weaker version of Absorb onto allies for a bit of team-buffing.

- Ash mainly just needs his 4 looking at again. personally I've always wanted it to be an Exalted mode where Ash equips his hidden blades and summons two independent shadow clones that seek out their own targets. when you or a clone gets close enough, you melee and perform a special execution move on them that does a LOT of damage, enough to kill most things. while in this mode you could still use his other powers and his Shurikens would now be "shadow Shurikens", which are buffed for double damage.

- Inaros needs all his kit looking at. his passive is useless due to how tough he is, so I would make it part of a new flesh-eating Scarab Swarm mechanic: killing enemies as Inaros creates more scarab beetles which increase his armor rating. pressing his 4 would unleash the scarabs everywhere to devour enemies, acting as both CC and DoT. and yes, this is straight out of The Mummy, but how you gonna give a warframe flesh eating scarabs and not be able to actively command the damn things?! again, first thing I'd do with this power set IRL is let the Scarabs do the work. 


- significantly buff Chroma's 1 and 4.

- turn Hydroid into Davy-Jones frame.

- give Frost powers that are useful outside of defense, even if it's just impaling and ninja'ing people with Ice spikes

- buff Revenant's thralls, and maybe the damage scaling on his 3. the heal is fine.

- make Loki's decoy scale in a betetr way than power strength, rework the rest of his kit somehow.

- give Nyx a good dmaaging power, prefearbly "enemies commit self-die", make her 4 augment standard.

- make ash's 4 an ultimate shadow clone jutsu mode where you can run around freely and shank baddies without needing to worry about target marking.

- turn Inaros into Imhotep-frame. ANUK SUN AMUUUUUN!!!

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1 minute ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

I know Loki needs a rework, but I couldn't tell you what it should look like: I know that if his decoy is being kept though, it should be able to do damage and should scale off something other than power strength, which nobody mods for on him. doubt it'll ever happen though because the "loki master race" will emerge from the woodwork.

I'd lump Switch Teleport into Decoy and make it a tap-hold skill with both bare minimum personally.

Switch Teleport does not deserve to be an entire ability on its own.

Not entirely sure what I'd do as a new 3 though, maybe something like forcefully causing Status Effects in nearby enemies and resetting/doubling the duration of active ones, sadly DE already took that idea for a Helminth one though, so now I'm at a loss again.

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