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Yareli on Merulina bugs


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All of these regarding Yareli on Merulina in missions:

  • Parazon mods are not active when hacking
  • Ciphers are not available when hacking
  • Survival: character moves when activates life support
  • Kuva Survival: can't turn Life Support into Kuva harvester
  • Kuva Survival: when client, doesn't get kuva from kuva harvester after first kuva harvester
  • Index: can't pick up points
  • Arbitration: can't pick up tokens from abritration drones
  • Arbitration: can't revive
  • Arbitration: effect of reduced health/shields remains after reviving (not sure why it is even happening considering that you have to dismount for both picking up tokens and reviving, but i only saw it happening for Yareli)
  • And of course, vacuum on sentinel often doesn't working when client.

There is also rare bug of losing control over frame after merulina getting destroyed. Game-breaking, but rare and i no idea how to reproduce it ( so far at least).

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11 hours ago, 78c3d5b1 said:
  • Survival: character moves when activates life support

I think it's not only related to Merulina or Life support. Normal frames can be moved from Life support or Capture target. Merulina (from your description) just keep moving.

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