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How Warframe can Repopulate and Assist New/Returning Players Farming for Warframe Sets


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Looking For Group Mechanic:

Simple menu activated from a station much like the relic station (not copying relic UI) on a player’s orbiter. Player may scroll down menu showing a list of all farmable Warframes throughout Warframe (blacking out undiscovered ones).

  • Vertical stack boxes placed with graphic of Warframe on left, and scrollable info blurb on the right that explains where to grab Warframe parts (ex. Go to “x” planet’s tile set and complete rotation C (3rd round of “x” game mode) with a high, medium, or low chance of dropping) and how to unlock the grind process in general if applicable (ex. Mirage Unlock: Complete Hidden Messages Quest in Codex)
  • Separate box directly to the right of this info blurb will be a box that says “Squads farming” or just shows an image/icon for groups
    • Pulls up a separate screen when clicked that shows available squads who posted up that they are farming this Warframe (removes if disbanded), shows within the new screen’s vertical stack separate squads with player slots being filled by player glyphs with a request to join button nearby.

This system will help populate/repopulate farms that new players are either clueless about or cannot find squads for in missions that they cannot solo.

  • Also adds direction to the game for new players, what to obtain and easily how to obtain.
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I think a bigger part of the issue with it is actually the rng behind a lot of the things. The places a lot of the the newer things are HEAVILY weighted towards everything else in the drop tables. That and once people already have the stuff they dont need to do the farm again. Personally I think just removing credits, and trash mods etc from mission reward drop tables would help populate nodes a fair bit more across the board and not only with farming warframes.  

That said i do think having your suggestions would also be very helpful, given so much of the game is hidden in the wiki rather than the game itself. 

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Why do people post in black text? There's no reason to, and people using the dark theme can't read your post.


Also, this is honestly entirely unnecessary when people can just use the wiki. A lot of programming and visuals and honestly it just sounds pretty cluttered.

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