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Screen flickering


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I've only had this problem with Warframe as well as Muck for some reason; fairly often the screen will faintly flicker rapidly and will flicker violently and constantly when navigation or the arsenal is open. I don't really know how to fix this or what could be causing this other than some sort of driver issue. This has only started happening a few days ago and since then I've force closed warframe multiple times, restarted my pc, reinstalled warframe, optimized and verified my download cache, and reinstalled my graphics drivers, none of which have done anything. The game is still very much playable but it's gotten really annoying after a while. Does anyone know of any fixes?

Edit: I was able to fix it after turning off 1ms blur reduction in my monitor settings, there was probably just some sort of driver conflict from a recent update.

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Issue has been fixed
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