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Please share your Ivara farming experience

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I think it took me 70+ odd runs to actually get the final part I needed, and I was doing most of those with my clan so the runs were pretty quick. I never liked her main blueprint being in the drop tables because of dilution. 

It never felt like work because we were goofing off and having fun in the runs, but I know some people make it like work and it really sours the game lol

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I just used to do crack relics whenever a spy mission came up. Naturally I got her over time. Took a while if I remember right but I never exclusively farmed her.

As has been said it is so easy to burn out in this game so I find it's best to mix it up a bit and try to do 2 things at the same time. If you become obsessed over 1 thing you will become resentful of this game.

Good luck mate!

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16 hours ago, CrimsonDarkLord said:

Just finished my max duration and sprint speed Ash Prime build and spy missions have been a lot more fun.

I have read that Ivara is one of the most painful frames to farm with people doing 4 times the amount of runs from the "nearly guaranteed" numbers on the Wiki, and then people just give up...

How many of you actually farmed Ivara recently? If so, did you have a strategy? What do you recommend as the BEST nodes for each part (based on runtime and ease of mission success)?

Just to clarify, I need Ivara for Helminth.

Early on a new frame gave you something to play for, where now you are 40 grinds behind in frames.

If I came in now I'd recommend people to skip as much as they can, both totally ignoring content but also in limiting the grind duration.


For grinding out frames I'd say buying prime versions only or in your case converting relics to play probably cost less time.

What is ivara on the market, 225?

So it's a question if you think you can make 225 faster than grinding them. Not to mention sanity level.

Unless those spy missions offer you something like mods or whatever I'd go with relic plat all the way. Thinking of as time cost effective, you play defense to level for MR while earning plat or blasting through capture missions for fast plat.

Whereas spy mission cost you a lot of time and you come out with nothing round after round.

A relic capture mission you come out with plat or at least a forma every few minutes.


But even before then you have to ask yourself if it's really worth it, what you are building might have better options or simply just not be worth it.

What exactly are you putting ivara into helminth for?

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Maybe they had changed the drop rate or RNG was with me.

Systems - I already had it in the past without knowing I did

Blueprint - I failed 3 of my practice runs, and only succeeded in 3 (6 attempts total). Got the BP on the 6th attempt

Neuroptics - Decided to do the fissure 3 times, and got it.

Chasis - Felt like I've had good luck so far and there was a fissure on it as well so I decided to do a couple. Got it on the 3rd attempt as well.


Number 3 seems to be my lucky number.

Now I feel bad for people who had to do 70-100 runs just for 1 part!

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When she first released I think it took me about a week to get her parts, but I was doing spy runs on and off that whole time. Got really good at spy in the process.

Second time when I farmed a new one for Helminth I think it took about 4 days. Think I did 5 spy missions and then went about the rest of my day playing other stuff.

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Many, including me and old clanmates had a rough time with certain parts of Ivara, but there is a difference in her farm and other farms.

By the end of farming for the Harrow piece from Defection you will have...  The piece you wanted and lost part of your sanity.

By the time you get all of Khora (unless you're lucky like I was both times I farmed her.) you will have relics you could have gotten anywhere, a bunch of useless captura scenes, a void where your will to live used to be and Khora.  It took a buddy of mine literal months of every day grinding to get her.  He doesn't play anymore.

In contrast, by the time you have farmed Ivara you will probably have gotten several 60/60 mods that you will need for many builds and can also sell for early plat, the same relics you could get many other places, a better understanding of the spy vaults so that you are less likely to screw up a spy sortie, and the frame you were looking for.  Viewed as a multitasking farm for mods, relics and the frame, as well as improving game knowledge (no, defection does not improve game knowledge for anything other than how bad the AI is.) then it doesn't seem like a bad farm at all.  At least to me.

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You don't actively farm Ivara. You eventually got Ivara when you played enough spy mission for whatever reasons. 

For me, I got her when farming lich. Perma invis Loki with a good melee can cheese all spy mission and any lich encounter.

For information, I got two copies of Khora by farming focus in santuary onslaught.

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That's one of the few things I've done with people, I did it when I started playing the game. The people I played with in those days no longer play.
As a data I got Ivara searching the 60/60 mods.

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farming ivara is pretty easy if you go as a squad. Actually a run should not be much longer than doing a cap(except it requires more focus and cooperation), so assuming a new prime access gets released you can get most of the necessary relics for your items(and eventually more) while farming it in spys. The droprate is pretty fair but it is assuming you rush your missions, you get half your parts in 15-20 runs(on average) then you decide if you prefer farming the missing ones in rj or not(you get 12% per mission instead of 7.5% wich makes it relevant if you can do it fast enough).

As always with spy missions:

- 1 dude go for A

- 1 dude go for B

- 1 dude go for C

- 1 dude find the exit path and mark it before all 3 stuffs are completed

There are DRs, like beeing 2 instead of 1 is a huge relief, beeing 3 is nice, and 4 is almost non factor

A competent player can nail an objective and get to extraction in 2 minutes or less. Meaning that you are looking on average for 1h30 farm if you know what you are doing and want to minmax it, wich it what it took me more or less back in the days(however at this time spy missions were extremly good reward wise, there was real upsides pushing key farming). However the slower you are, inevitably the longer it will take and the more rigged the rng will feel, when dealing with rng stuffs the best remedy is to turn the wheel as much as possible, wich you can't do in lots of contents in warframe, gladly ivara farm duration(average) is totally tied to your ability at blitzing content.

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I've been trying to get her for helminth and I get burnt out trying pretty quickly. Only need one more part after the rest were easily obtained and it's going to be my second last warframe to subsume(excluding recent frames which I'm using until prime comes) after harrow, which I still haven't got for mastery yet (can't wait to try him when prime comes though). 

Since it's only for helminth and I've already forgotten my previous stresses grinding her pre-helminth but still know I didn't enjoy it, I'm just casually doing a couple missions for it here and there inbetween my other activities and hoping I get lucky. 

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It was absolutely no issue at all for me.  I always liked running Loki in spy missions to level weapons anyway so I just switched to a couple lower lvl nodes for a bit till I got those parts and didn't have to change how I normally play otherwise.  Spy missions can level weapons solo pretty well once you get fast with them, I run them like a race all speed/parkour mods on loki and zip through them getting stealth kills on the thing your leveling, when possible, and the vaults are a big affinity hit too when no alarms are done.  Grineer I can run a bit faster than corpus ones.  Stealth kill leveling used to be easier but you can't get stealth kills from a weapon with multishot unless it kills with 1 bullet anymore lots of weapons can still get it but it isn't most like it used to be...


Im not at my comp to look atm but I bet I have a ton of ivara sets 

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One way to get her is to farm for the Ivara prime parts, build that, add the Infiltrate augment, and then do the spy missions for for (or nightwave, or whatever else spy drops) and Ivara vanilla will drop sooner or later. That's how I got mine.

Bigger problem is getting the Kuva Fortress spy drops for stuff like Frostbite. Still trivial with Ivara, but just an annoyhing map!

incidentally, the drop rates for RJ spy missions are a lot bigger, so maybe you could try those instead if its really bugging you. 12% instead of 7.52%

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Am 20.8.2021 um 09:57 schrieb DiamondLlama:

I tried farming her for months, but burnt out so badly I abandoned the game. I platted her when I came back and I'm not even sorry. 

I would love to  know what builds work well, if anyone has resources I can read through?

I struggle to use her for defense missions though, if solo. I must be doing something wrong because she's apparently a fantastic all rounder?

You either play 1 hour only each month, you had no clue how to actually farm her, you did not focus her farming and did one run per week or you are lieing through your teeth. Ivara is not that hard of a farm. Find a team with at least 3 people and it is done in a very fast and efficient way.

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