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Scope crosshairs hard to make out


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When zoomed in some scope crosshairs are just a tiny dot, and depending on lighting can be hard/impossible to make out. This is particularly apparent in void storm missions where the enemies are bright against a dark background with lots of moving white dots/effects, making precision shots (or just hitting at all) impossible.

Particularly noticeable on the Komorex (screenshots attached), and to a lesser degree on the Vulkar Wraith and Rubico Prime. They need more structure close around the crosshair itself to make it stand out. Using the scope should not involve a 'Where's Waldo?' minigame to find the aim point.






As you can see in the attached images, the Komorex crosshair is just a vague grey dot. Hard to make out against the Corrupted Ancient in the second screenshot but completely lost against the bright background in the first screenshot.

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