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shield stats should scale with shield pool size


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The current state of defensive stats in Warframe heavily favor armor, health, and health regen abilities. Shields are heavily neglected to the point that it's actually more beneficial to have the smallest shield pool possible in order to take advantage of shield gate invulnerability -- using a Decaying Dragon Key gives you more benefit than actually making a shields build. It's a neat trick, but I don't want to have to build every frame this way. Also, changing the behavior of the Decaying Dragon Key would really just be a bandaid fix, because shields would still be at a general disadvantage.

Right now, shields have 1.3s of invuln upon a full shield gate break, and 0.33s on a partial break, regardless of your shield pool size. Furthermore, the recharge start delay is 4s, no matter what;  there are no mods to reduce this. Shields have a base damage reduction of 25%, with no other ways to increase this. My basic idea is that increasing shield pool size should affect all these things. I'm not so great with math anymore, but here are a few conceptual formulas to consider:


Shield gate invulnerability time: formula DOES include overshields, and caps out at 2 sec so Hildryn's shield is still special. Shield gate abuse builds still get a small reflex window, but this gives more incentive to actually slot shield mods, and group shield buffing abilities actually help these players more. An invulnerability window of 1.5s or more is not amazing, especially considering the time or situational resources needed to fully replenish that pool. Ideally, the invuln time would scale dynamically based on the most recent max shield pool, e.g. if my max shields are 900 but I only replenish 300, I would still get a grace period of 1 sec.

formula: 2s / (s + 300), where s=maximum shield pool value (including overshields in this case)

150: 0.67sec
300: 1.00s (median unmodded shield pool size at rank 30)
600: 1.33s
900: 1.50s
1500: 1.67s
3000: 1.82s
4500: 1.88s


Shield recharge delay: formula does not include overshields. Everyone gets a bonus here, even unmodded newbies -- let's face it, 4 seconds is pretty harsh in the modern state of the game, especially when you have to spend additional 10-15 seconds recharging the shield pool passively, or 4-5 seconds with TWO mods, and shield restoration techniques don't actually make this start faster. Max practical reduction is about 1-1.5 seconds, or 2.5-3 seconds wait time.

formula: 4 - (2s / s + 1000)

150: 3.74sec
300: 3.54s
600: 3.25s
900: 3.05s
1500: 2.80s
4500: 2.36s

Shield damage taken: formula does not include overshields, and ideally would also reduce damage of toxin as well. Max damage reduction would be around 50%.

formula: 0.75 - (0.3s / s + 1000)

150: 71%
300: 68%
600: 64%
900: 61%
1500: 57%
4500: 50%


Feel free to throw out your own ideas or math out there. I just want shields to matter, man.

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What do you mean by making shields matter ?

The current state of the game : only shieldgating matters for late game content, except if you have a big shield pool in addition with RD.

What changed with protea is that you have an easy way to make everybody have maxed overshield (even easier/faster than mag 4th or hildryn 3rd), making base shield values even less relevant.

Making shield better with the need of a mod that doesn't fit in our current builds will have to prove itself to be worth it.

Making shields better without being totally OP due to how easy to get overshield, or making Hildryn unkillable will also not be easy.

So I think that making shield gating duration scaling with base shield (and get negative numbers if shield is below base value) would be more fair than current value.

RD can be a way to make shields count, but it needs to be looked at closely to avoid immortal hildryn, or protea.

Imho a warframe arcane that gives RD on shield after casting an ability, with a cooldown and a duration based on energy spent would be a good way. For example for a warframe arcane maxed :

90% RD on shield after casting an ability last for "energy/10 seconds", 3 seconds cooldown.

For Hildryn : energy is replaced by shield spent divided by 2.5

Has no effect on energy drain.

But even this way I'm not sure that I'll use redirection except for Hildryn

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