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Add a "Variants" tab to Weapons in the Arsenal


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Something that is mildly bugging me more and more as I start moving up in Mastery Rank is a small UI element: The fact that weapons I own a variant of still appear at the bottom of the Weapons list as something I can buy. I don't have any qualms with showing weapons people don't own a variant of - I think that's great for helping you keep track of what base weapons you own and don't own. If a player doesn't own any variant of the Hek, being offered to buy one for plat is just marketing.

But at the stage of the game I'm at, where I'm getting multiple different variants of some weapons (like both a Kuva Hek and a Vaykor Hek), I simply don't have a need to be shown that I can buy a Hek for plat. Nowadays, most weapons have 1-2 variants on top of the base weapon, between Primes/Kuva/Tenet/Syndicate/Prisma/Wraith and Vandal versions.

Similarly, I don't need to be shown I can buy a Mk-1 Braton when I have mastered it, the normal Braton, and own a Braton Prime.

My proposal is simple: The Weapon Selection screen now lists the *last variant used* of each weapon type. So, if a player last used their Vaykor Hek, the Hek and any Kuva Heks they may own simply will not show up on the menu. Instead, to switch to their Kuva Hek, they would equip the Vaykor Hek, click "Variants", and select their Kuva Hek from there.

Their Vaykor Hek and Kuva Hek are still different weapons, internally, each using their own Weapon Slot and having different Upgrades, but now they're nice and clumped together.

Condensing the functionality a bit more, you could also allow the selection of dual versions of weapons. Selecting your Lex and going to this Variants tab, you would have the option to buy an Aklex if you don't own it, and see the Lex Prime and Aklex Prime if you own them.


Example of what I'm thinking about:

The position of this "Variants" button

What clicking it would bring up. Since I own a variant of the Lex or Aklex, this would be where I could purchase a Lex if I wanted it.

So, when looking at the Weapons Selection Menu, since the Lex Prime is the last version of the Lex that I used, only it would be listed. The Lex, Aklex, and Aklex Prime would be hidden from the normal Weapons Selection menu.

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3 hours ago, chaotea said:

Maybe not like this, as they are distinct weapons with their own MR and stats. However, a filter for the weapon selection screen might be good, with other options like 'hide mastered' 'hide unranked / ranked', ect.

Still waiting for "hide crafted" as an option from the arsenal/inventory/vendors.

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