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Anyone knows what "downed by a SHOCK" means?


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Not sure if this should go to the bugs section or if its just an obscure mechanic. I was playing corrupted defense arbitration when i suddenly instantly died from full health. Death log revealed I somehow killed myself. It says: "downed at 960 health by a SHOCK using a KuvaOgris". Ive been using the same build Ive been using for 100-200 hours (gauss, Kuva Ogris) and i dont think this has happened before. Anyone has an idea what happened or atleast knows what this "shock" is supposed to be? I saw one similar post on this forum and the guy also used kuva ogris, so it might be specific for the weapon.

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Just got killed by myself during an arbitration, this bug is easily reproduceable, had a laugh, reminds me of the silly days before self damage was removed 

21:27:22 - <ReddyDisco> downed at 1,160 health by a SHOCK using a KuvaOgris
21:27:22 - <ReddyDisco> killed by 1 damage at 1,161 health from a SHOCK using a KuvaOgris
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