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Sortie broke - Host migration breaks Lephantis twice back-to-back


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To give context, this was the third mission of the current Sortie, an assassination on Deimos with Lephantis as the target.

In my first attempt to load in I got kicked out shortly afterwards. The second attempt went well. We were able to start the fight and everything went smoothly until Lephantis' third head appeared (I loaded into different squads, to clarify).

A little while after killing the first head Host migration occurred and one player got kicked out of the squad, which at the time was full.

After host migration Lotus repeated some of her voice-lines that occur in the run up to Lephantis although we were already in the boss room.

The heads continued their regular pattern, however when all three were dead the second phase didn't start. The last head went through its death/retreat animation and afterwards all that happened was the occasional Infested entering the room but nothing else happened. The room was still blocked off.

I had to abort and try again, getting the same bug.

I sadly cannot pinpoint the reason for this bug to anything so reproducing it may be hard.

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