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Mesa Prime energy color error


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There is an issue with the color selection for Mesa primes "prime parts". It does not have this issue with Mesa Primes regular skin but when you wear another skin and then add the prime parts on it takes it's energy colors from Accent and not Energy.

So in this picture I'm using the Eclipse ability subsumed from mirage. The effect covers the entire Warframe in the energy color chosen. The helmet, body attachments and syandana all have the correct color but the "prime" part of the Warframe takes from the Accents color. It over blooms even on low settings and the texture quality gets really bad once the ability is active. Makes it look like Mesa has been peeled like an orange.

I think the root of the problem is the Mesa Prime details for other skins has the energy colors sampled from the wrong place. (Yes i tried changing Accents colors and it changed accordingly)  Not sure where the blue is coming from, it seems with the original Eclipse effect that even the Marlet skin has a tinge of blue on certain angles despite both energy colors being Red.UW7BLmV.png

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