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Psa: What To Do If Your Game Crashes And The Crash-Reporter Doesn't Launch



Game crashes. We've all been there. The game is buggy, it doesn't always work with all hardware/software configurations...

But posting on the forums "Game crashed, DE plx fix" will not get the crashes fixed. DE doesn't magically know what you were doing that led to the crash, they also don't know your hardware or software configuration either. Telling them to fix a crash without providing any information doesn't help them fix the problems.

So, I'm making this post to give you all pointers on how you can help DE fix the crashes. The only way they can fix crashes is if you provide them with information that helps them diagnose the cause of the issue. These steps are things you should do if the crash reporter doesn't start up. If you are experiencing a system-wide crash (a.k.a. Blue Screen of Death, then it's a hardware issue on your system--outdated drivers, overheating components, faulty hardware, etc), this guide is not for you.

Here are the steps you should take if you experience something that crashes the game:

  • 1st: (important) Do not start the game back up right away. Doing this will get rid of your game's log file to start a new one, and will purge any useful data that could help DE figure out the cause of the crash
  • 2nd: Locate and copy your EE.log file in your "%localappdata%\Warframe\" directory to somewhere where it's easy to find/upload (you can directly open it by putting %localappdata%\Warframe\EE.log into your explorer address bar).
  • 3rd: Create a DxDiag.txt file which saves system hardware and software configuration by running the DxDiag tool (on Windows 8, you have to open up the app search and search for "dxdiag," on older versions of windows you can press Flag+R (Windows key + R) to open the run prompt, then just type in dxdiag and hit run). When the tool is open, just press "Save All Information..." to save a DxDiag.txt file, put it where you copied your EE.log file.
  • 4th: Create a support ticket under the category "Game Crashing or Technical Support." Fill out the subject and description field, including any steps taken to produce (or reproduce) the crash. Make sure you attach BOTH the DxDiag.txt and EE.log files to the ticket. When you're done, hit "Submit."
  • 5th: That's it! You've successfully sent in your EE.log and system configuration data to Digital Extremes. Now you need to be patient and wait for them to go over the data you sent in so that they can begin working on a fix.
And that's about it! Support may ask you for additional log files or data regarding the crash, but these are the essential steps you MUST take if you want DE to fix the crashes that are affecting you. It's a bit more involved than a forum post of "DE game crashed fix it pls" but it's infinitely more effective in actually getting crashes fixed.
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