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New Infested Shotgun hybrid idea


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Hello, First my English is not good, Because I'm not a use it frequently in my country.

I take a Longbrake form Warframe for 3 year, Because I want to Concentrate worked as a 3D Prop Artist in AAA Game industry.

Today, I try to draw a new Unique infested shotgun and want to Present to all player in Fan Concepts section.


I don't name this gun, Because I'm not good in English for name something.( I want to name it "Covid" but , I think it silly to name after epidemic.) This Shotgun design inspire from Seahorse, Starfish, Lotus flower, and octopus. the special of this weapon is combine between Shotgun and Rocket launcher.

First mode is pump action shotgun, it Shoot a spore shrapnel from Flower like barrel. when hit Enemy it will deal damage and spread into virus spore and can spread to nearby enemy. After shoot you will see Barrel like Flower continue to shrink, when it empty the flower will explode and the new flower will grown in stead


Second mode is Rocket Launcher, fire a Projectile of Homming Rocket flower and deal heavy Explosive Dammage.


Reload Animation

Thank you for your attention my Crappy Concept art. Feel free to criticize, I love to read everyone comment.  

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Infested weapons are my favorites in the game. Sadly, not as powerful as their counterparts.

This weapon looks very nice, and I like how it has two distinct fire modes as well as projectile types.

I hope DE reads and incorporates this concept into the game. Infested need another shotgun.

Thanks for the effort and the nice art.

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