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Warframes unable to do anything after operator transfer back into frame


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I couldn’t find anything in the search function. 

Basically after transferring from your operator to the Warframe sometimes you are locked out from shooting. Jumping. Using abilities. You can run around. That’s it. This has been a big big for me for a long long time. 

1. To replicate you CANNOT be game host. It only happens when you’re not host. 
2. Transfer out of Warframe. Do something. (For example void melee)

3. transfer back into Warframe. 

Most times it’s ok. Sometimes it’s not. 

Only ways to get out of this. 
1. Die (if you’ve built a near unkillable frame not exactly an option  the big also someone’s makes you immortal)

2. hop on your k-drive (lifesaver for eidolon runs)

3. Extract (extremely inconvenient when doing long duration endless gamemodes or disruptions farming for relics)



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This happens ALOT. This happens to me and my entire clan 2-3 times daily. Its totally gamebreaking if youve got a tanky frame. This just started happening for me after they recently "fixed" matchmaking which me and several others noticed actually made things worse. Id love to see this bug squashed.

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