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Weapon Mod Ideas


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So i was thinking to myself how theres mod's that add damage types but not any that change damage type and how possibly that in it it self may add more to the game as a mechanic...?

So i came up with these weapon mod's, hear me out, im not to sure on the name's but here it is:



Neutron Injector: (pistol's, shotgun's and rifle's)

turns bullet damage into plasma damage(add's bullet time)

at max stats

+200% damage -50% ammo maximum -50% clip size


Rail Rounds:

+100% armour piercing -50% damage to shield's


Emp Rounds:

+100% damage to shield's -50% damage


neural uplink:

increase's acuracy while aming down sight's


dual compression:

increases bullet time while decreasing recoil


it's just a few ideas i had floating in my head that needed to be heard, the names are a little made up apart from rail and emp


otherwise let me know what you think and whether youv'e got any idea's maybe someone might notice.

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Here's what I think.

Neutron Injector: Nice idea, but that 200% damage... Gosh!

Rail Rounds: Actually the best idea you had here, to me. I agree with it.

EMP Rounds: Not sure if anyone would use it.

Neural Uplink: Another nice idea, though I wouldn't scarifice a slot for that.

Dual Compression: Shooting soap bubbles.

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