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Arbitration mission - couldn't find the 10min reward anywhere


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I did the Arbitration Corpus survival mission twice and managed to stay there 10 minutes both times. I just got the 10min reward on the second run and then got to the extraction point right after. I was there 10min 3s and the reward was shown in the left corner on the screen right before I got to the extraction. I got Arcane Bodyguard and was super hyped about my first achieved Arcane ever! But it wasn't in the mission summary! There was just a lock icon saying "reward already achieved" or something like that, but the rotation reward is not the same thing as the actual mission reward, right? Which I already got the first time running the mission, and I'm totally aware of that. But the rotation reward wasn't anywhere to be found! Did the mission bug somehow or what happened? 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? 

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