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Waltz The dance warframe


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Hello everyone. This is a warframe that I have been working on for a good a while now, and I think I have most of his stuff down and I really want him to become a thing just to add a bit more variety to what we have now. Let me know what you guys think, and let me know if there’s anywhere for improvement. Also I am looking for a good artists to help draw out the character because I’m not that good of an artist my self. Also someone who is a good choreographer.

Main idea: waltz is a warframe who is kit revolves around dancing with deadly finesse. Every move waltz makes alters the battlefield either in favor of his allies or as a hazard for his enemies. His concept would be associated with dancing and manipulating dark matter,and his theme can be associated to looking like a modern jinn or a metallic M.C. Hammer,but i’ll go into that afterwards.

Base stats: Armor-150, Health-400, Shields-200, Energy-250

Passive: while sliding, bullet jumping, crouching, or Aim gliding, waltz can attract enemies to his location. The more enemies your tracks, the more dark matter it is built up in his “Syncronome”, Adding bonus damage reduction( up to 75%).


Ability#1: phase-shift shuffle: Waltz ripples the ground in dark matter slowing and radiating enemies that tread on it. Holding the ability erupts orbs of dark matter instead causing piercing & slash damage to enemies(this consumes one arc from the “Syncronome” if done this way).

Ability#2: bolstering pose: radiant waves Radiate from waltz’s aura,Invigorating allies with bonus stats or debuffing  enemies based on how many stacks are in his Syncronome. 1 stack grants bonus 25% bullet evasion to allies, 2 stacks grant increased critical damage to all allies, 3 stacks Reduces enemy damage, 4 stacks grants 25% bonus ability duration.

Ability#3: pacemaker: waltz marches at a steady pace, reducing his movement speed. Any damage taken by allies is transfer it to him insteadAt the cost of energy which then can be released into another phase shift shuffle or cosmic breakdown as far as damage at the cost of stacks instead and refunds 80% of the energy lost.

Ability#4: cosmic breakdown: waltz collapses into a spinning handstand forming a singularity around him, which sucks in enemies, causing impact damage. Using pacemaker before activating this ability  consumes 4 stacks from his Syncronome to cause void damage instead.

Let me know when you guys think of the main idea and the abilities. Later on I’ll go into the detail of how he could look.

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