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All Mods And Mats Collected Before Revive Wiped


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In a PUG, had one of the million aweful hosts, you know the ones, somethingsomthingRUS or RUSsomethingsomething.  usual, them being from a particular country is a different issue but is related> since I can't actually block that country or reduce the ping limit further to get rid of them, EU is too close to rus for it to really work (can get less than 90ms ping to Moscow)


So I'm on mimas survival and we do 35mins.


I get well over 100 mods and I'm dripping with mats. but it's laggy and I get creamed by a lvl 130 toxic that snuck up on me. I revive and decide to hit the extraction with my loot.


However I only was awarded the 5 mods I grabbed on my way as I high tailed it. No mats.



Also got trolled yesterday by a another laggy host. I was about to just quit a MD mission, kappa I think, but had picked up a master thief. Mission failed in the end due to the lag. but at the summery screen at the end all the mod icons were blank.


I request a country block filter, at least for the host, I don't mind if they want they want to connect to other players but even with 100ping max limit on the matchmaker connections are still fubar. I am not sure how any client side collection of mats and mods could work without severe exploits popping up either, but something like that would work to avoid troll hosts wasting thousands of player hours due to lost rewards.

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