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Multishot not applying to the Kompressa properly


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while testing the Kompressa in the simulacrum I noticed an interesting lack of damage from the weapon and status effect output even with 100% status per projectile. basically multishot on the Kompressa only seems to register the extra projectiles from multishot on the direct hits but not the radial attacks resulting in 20 status effects instead of 32 which also means that the weapons radial attacks damage (which is the majority of the weapons damage) is unnaffected by multishot. I even tested with saryns toxic lash ability which has 100% toxin procs and it still only registers 20 procs rather than 32. with close inspection it only puts out 4 damage ticks on the explosions despite there being 16 projectiles, even when shooting at the feet of enemies it only results in 4 hits. A fix to this would be greatly appreciated as this really handicaps the guns overall potential.

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just replying to this topic to hopefully get it some more notice as the gun still doesn't work with multishot I even tested it without the multishot mods and it basically kills in 1 extra shot with just 4 projectiles and 2 mod slots open vs 16 projectiles due to the fact that the extra projectiles from multishot mods on the Kompressa don't register AoE damage on playstation atleast. it will only ever register 4 hits from the base multishot on explosion and never more even if modded to do so.

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