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Update-Intro music when logging in is INSANELY loud


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When logging in, the updated theme music for the expansion (drums, ramping up crescendo) is incredibly loud.  After load screen, but before one presses the "A" button.  Please fix this in sound production, during sound design, or adjust the music to play after pressing "A" or something similar.  I'm incredibly sick of turning the volume down on my TV to near mute when I start the game and then having to bring it back up to play the game -- and then turning it up more to do Disruption missions.  And then, for whatever reason, I need to re-log and I have the repeat the process or get blasted with 3s of speaker-blowing volume.  This actually pisses me off about the game atm (10/10 mad - as it can damage my speakers, sends the pets running, and wakes the family up). 😒


Clarification: after first "A" and Sisters backdrop, before second "A" (which loads your character)

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