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New weapon-exclusive mod idea: Kulstar


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  • Name: Splitting Syndrome
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Polarity: Naramon ( - )
  • Cost: 4 at base rank - 7 at max rank
  • Effect: Elemental mods installed on each side of this mod no longer combine ; +2.5% (+10% at max rank) Status Chance for every Primary Element on the weapon


I'll explain every point of this idea:

  • The name doesn't really have a heavy meaning, "Splitting" for the prevention of combined element, "Syndrome" for the status chance / status effect and I also like double word mods starting with the same letter.
  • Nothing to say about the rarity, it's the same as most of the unique weapon mods.
  • The Naramon polarity was chosen to visually represent the first effect of the mod, only affecting the directly adjacent mods. (It also happen to coincidentally be the mod of every nightwave weapon mods, it's nice)
  • For the cost, I first though of going for 6 base - 9 max but thinking about it and due to the quite random nature of the bomblets, it's more suited to be 4 - 7 to be in line with the other unique weapon mod costs.

Now for the main effect, it might not be very clear / very well written so i'll give 3 examples:

  1. Splitting Syndrome slot 1, Convulsion Slot 2, Pathogen Rounds Slot 3: it would give +90% Electricity, +90% Toxic and +20% Status Chance. Splitting Syndrome locked Convulsion from fusing with any other mod and Pathogen Rounds had nothing to combine with.
  2. Splitting Syndrome slot 1, Convulsion slot 2, Pathogen Rounds slot 3, Jolt slot 4: the result would be +90% Electricity, +150% Corrosive and +70% Status Chance. Convulsion and Jolt would not affect each other's damage since Splitting Syndrome completely locks Convulsion from fusing with other mods.
  3. Pathogen Rounds slot 1, Splitting Syndrome slot 2, Convulsion slot 3, Pistol Pestilence slot 4, Jolt slot 5, Scorch slot 6: +90% Toxic, +90% Electricity, +120% Corrosive, +60% Heat and +210% Status Chance. With this configuration Pathogen Rounds and Convulsion provide Toxic and Electricity respectively, and their combined element Corrosive comes from Pistol Pestilence and Jolt, with an added Scorch to futher boost both the damage and the status chance.


This sounds like a silly mod I know, I had this idea randomly a couple of days ago and made my best to refine it a bit into a working / balanced mod.


Ow and if anyone wants to make a nice PNG version of this silly mod / is good with doing nice screenshots in this game, for the background art in my head I see Chroma shooting a Kulstar with 2 Multishot. Chroma for the Primary Elements representation and the 2 multishot for the element splitting symbolism.

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So what is the point of this as a mod specific to the Kulstar? 

Why would you want to increase status on such a weapon?

I think it is important to understand Kulstar's role. Kulstar is a burst damage weapon. It is not one that is ideal for spreading or utilizing status effects. Sure it CAN spread some status but we're talking about a bomblet launcher type weapon. We're not talking about one that focuses on spreading status.

Burst damage weapons (launchers, sniper rifles, crit-heavy weapons etc.) may apply status effects but if you're using them for this purpose you're missing the point. These weapons generally have very high single-shot damage and proportionatly low sustain DPS. To better understand what i'm saying, weapons that cause big hits of single shot damage are not going to be applying lots of status effects (even with high %). These weapons generally kill in just a couple of shots regardless of status affliction.

Aside from applications of viral most burst damage weapons would benefit more from elemental damage type rather than status. 


I don't think your idea is necessarily bad, but I think it is really weird that you'd suggest it for Kulstar. If anything this kind of augment makes more sense for status-heavy sustain weapons instead of burst damage weapons.

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Without necessarily thinking about status, as I explained it all stemmed from a silly idea of giving that weapon a mod which would give it a unique effect unseen on other weapons.

The main idea of the mod was to boost up status chance and have more elements on the gun (sacrificing damage a bit) on the weapon to spread out many statuses on groups of enemies with the bomblets, transforming the weapon into a big status-maker. 

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This would be niche and the Kuva Zarr already kind of does this, but i don't see why this couldn't be added.

It would have some niche uses with Condition Overload, so the weapon wouldn't be exclusively used in low level content or with damage boosting frames anymore, which is nice.

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