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[Oro, Earth] Revenant's Thrall ability works on Vay Hek in his Drone & Mech forms


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So I started farming for Hydroid parts to fill out my Subsume catalogue, which naturally took me to Oro, Earth. About 3 runs in, I decided to use Thrall for funsies (since his 4 deletes everything anyways) and found something really ridiculous.

Revenant's Thrall ability works on Vay Hek. At first I thought it was just using the energy, playing the effect, but not actually doing anything... Until I realized that Vay Hek would immediately start attacking a few Grineer before swapping his aggro back on me. I've tried it in 3 separate runs now, with the 3rd spending more time watching what he does, and it's very clear to me that Revenant's Thrall ability can be applied to Vay Hek and it will temporarily override his target list, attack a few grineer, then target the Tenno again.

A very funny bug, since I'm almost dead certain this is not intended, though if it stays as a feature it can be a neat way confuse him for maximum of about 2 seconds before he goes back to trying to shoot the Tenno to death.

I have not tested this with his Mech form, as I usually just nuke him almost instantly.

EDIT: Decided to test Thrall on his mech. It also works on his mech, making him attack other Grineer.

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tested mech form
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24 minutes ago, Marcus.Argonius said:

Why this should be a bug tho? It worked like this for years. ie sucking Wolf dry with 1+3 was most efficient strategy back then. Dunno about all bosses, but it worked on Razorbacks and old Jackal too. 

But I haven't touched Rev since 2019 so dunno. 

It just seems unintentional for a boss to be afflictable Thrall, since it straight up makes enemies temporarily change sides. If it's not a bug, then that's fine. I'm fine with it not being a bug, cos I think it's funny.

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