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Nightwave challenge reseting itself after completion


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I was experiencing a similar issue last week with Nightwave challenges completing themselves, but this week I had a separate issue where I had a Nightwave challenge un-complete itself.

At around 11:48 PM Eastern, I signed in and checked my Nightwave challenges. I had 500/10,000 standing at Level 8 of the Nightwave track.


At 11:50 PM, I went to the Strata relay and checked my Nightwave challenges. Nothing had changed. I went back to Orbiter and checked again, still nothing had changed. At 11:55 PM I started a Capture mission and checked my Nightwave upon returning, and the only things that changed were I got a very minor amount of progress on the challenges Reactor (Daily) with 11/150 Radiation damage kills and Kill Shot (Elite Weekly) with 13/1,500 enemies killed, which I did have Radiation damage equipped on my weapon and I did kill that many enemies on my mission. Executioner (Daily) for Finisher kills still was at 3/10 but received no progress.

At 11:57, I decided to complete the weekly Nightwave challenge Animator which is to fully socket 3 Ayatan Sculptures for 4,500 standing. I socketed the 3 Sculptures and received the proper amount of standing, putting me to 5,000/10,000 standing.


At 11:59, I signed out and signed back in to the game and the Animator challenge had reset itself to an incomplete state, but it retained my standing at 5,000/10,000 and the progress on the other challenges remained the same.


At 12:20 AM, I decided to sign out and back in again to see if there was any difference. There was no difference, my Standing was still at 5,000/10,000 and the Animator challenge still said it was incomplete despite me completing it not that long ago.

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Having the same issue, at least with the Ayatan Sculptures challenge. I logged in, noticed the socket challenge, and then completed it by filling the 3 sculptures. I logged out shortly after. I ended up repeating this cycle 3 times and have gone through 9 Sculptures. I thought I was just having internet issues because I've run into this problem where if I log out shortly after doing something it may not save correctly. It wasn't until the 3rd attempt that I noticed that A. I did not receive standing for the 3rd attempt and B. the Sculptures remained socketed despite logging out. 

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