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Infested Adversary concept (SPOLIERS)


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We got Kuva Liches for Grineer 

We got Sisters of Parvos for Corpus

What about a nemesis from the infested?

Whatever happened to Arlo and his devotees from night wave season 2? That never had a TRUE conclusion to it, right? Arlo is revealed to be a false prophet and his followers either get turned or consumed, and it just kind of ends with Eris being an uninhabitable wasteland on the surface and a literal living hell underground. After that story just kind of ends. I mean there is the Zealoid Prelate boss battle (unless that is considered Arlo, which I don't think so, if anything by how it talks I'd wager it's Old Kenga). Between that pseudo-empty plot thread and all the additional content from The Heart of Deimos, DE could easily cook up some kind of infested-type of adversary. 

We already know the infestation has several strains. There's the original grey strain on Deimos, The Helminth strain responsible for the creation of warframes, the degenerated strain revived on Mercury by the Grineer, and the Mutalist Strain Alad V created. Arlo's devoted were different than any of them, almost resembling waframes with their humanoid forms, relative intelligence, and ability to use tools (perhaps some mutated, rouge variant of the helminth strain?), and possessing a distinct black/crimson color scheme (the grey strain is generally grey/blue, based on the infested orokin tile set; the degenerated strain is a dull grey/orange; the helminth is ivory/pink, based on the helminth charger pet's default colors and the cyst that appears on our warframes' neck; and the mutalist is silver/bright red, based on the infested corpus tile set). So, assuming that Arlo and his devotees derive from a different strain, you could simply call this the "Arlo" strain.

Now, how you'd get these adversaries could be as simple as doing infested missions that can spawn juggernauts (once having killed enough infested) now having a chance to spawn candidates (called acolytes) instead of juggernauts (once the pre-requisites are met of course). following up on the idea that these guys are essentially flawed/incomplete warframes, the nemesis it spawns would be an imitation of the progenitor warframe (example: Excalibur would spawn what looks like the zealoid prelate but have Excalibur's helmet and maybe his default color scheme).

They would function the same as the other adversaries, you do special missions, learn the words, stab them in order, can convert them or vanquish, they'd have special variants of the infested weapons, like "evolved mire" or "ascended Hema" or whatever. Now hear me out on this, Instead of a railjack mission as the final showdown against your infested nemesis...  you use the plague star event as a template and go from there, with the nemesis as the boss instead of those weird, lephantis clones thingies.

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Mutated, Violent subspecies of the Helminth Strain (perhaps connected to the Stalker somehow?). The candidates are incomplete warframes, stabbing the candidate n spawning an adversary completes it. Though It's still a "bootleg" version of the progenitor warframe. It's not a 1:1 recreation, but still deadly.

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