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Constant forced log out in Orbiter


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I haven't been disconnected at all during a mission, and I've checked my internet multiple times. I can even stream other games without losing frames, so it's definitely a bug with Warframe. It happens the most often when I'm quickly swapping my build in my arsenal. It just logs me out and then I have to relog, do everything I did in my arsenal again, and rejoin my friend. Also today it happened in the dojo when trying to trade with another player.

I would put up my plat, and then I'd see them put up nothing. Then when we close the trade window I would be forced out of the game, and need to relog. I'd message them again after relogging, and we would go back to the dojo. The weird thing is the game remembers our trade, and puts the items up for us when we press the option.

And again this is only happening in my orbiter, and dojo so it's really really weird. I haven't been disconnected in any mission.



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