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Coming Soon: Devstream #156!

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1 hour ago, (XBOX)DRA3CO said:

I’m still confused about when it’s safe to leave railjack. Once the mission is completed, but before selecting a new mission, if I leave to the orbiter my rewards screen says I didn’t recieve the rewards. However, if I start the next mission and then leave once it’s loaded then I see the rewards. 
 Do I have to start another mission and immediately take off just to make sure I keep my rewards?


Also loving the new primary/secondary arcanes!

go to your Dojo or any Relay from your railjack! then your good from there. there isn't a way to just go back to your orbiter you have to jump through that hoop to get the rewards

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2 hours ago, stegmaier said:

"Join us on twitch.tv/warframe and earn an Umbra Forma Blueprint for watching! "

I'm very frustrated with this.  DE forgets they have Asia/Pacific area players.


So....it isn't just you.  People who are employed on first shift in their region are also out of luck.  2pm is basically not viable in the EST, CST, MTN, and PST time zones within the Americas.


That said...it's fun to see that they're finally doing things again.  More than a month before any of it is reviewed is frustrating.  That said, my money is that the "reveal" of the new Plague Star event is going to include the "new" ghoul saw.  Considering that it was "almost done" months ago it should finally make its debut.  That's...potentially nice.  I'm waiting for the thing to be purchased as a blueprint, and having to grind a slightly modified drop table to get the parts.  That level of frustration is what I expect by this point.



That said...it's a blue print for an umbra forma.  At this point, how many forma do you actually need?  There are three total umbral mods...and many frame simply cannot see a benefit from them.  I'd be far more frustrated personally if there was a potential for these to be game changers.  That said, 12 built umbra forma sitting in my inventory.  They just don't seem to be necessary...though I can see the counter argument.  That said, Rolling Guard and Adaptation make anything short of an Inaros level tank functionally only viable as a lower skill requirement alternative...which pays for the lower skill cap with insane mod capacity costs. 

Maybe Nidus Prime will bring something...that said Gara Prime was May 25th.  It's now August 24th with no announcement.  The announcements are generally a week or two before the new prime comes out.  At best they announce Nidus coming later this week.  That would be a September 7th release date.  Just Steel Path rewards would cover buying Nidus 3 umbral forma...given a blue print available this week, another October 17th, and a third December 12th.  Of course, there's no discussion yet about what Nidus Prime will bring to the table.  It's not like the default isn't already insanely powerful.

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Summary of things still juggling in the air...


-A proper story mode containing the old events

-Wall running still not a thing

-UI still unfinished

-Operator/Focus revisit

-Command wheel for pets

-Leverian not seeing any entry for a while

-Many new frames still don't have noggles

-Drop chances revision

-Rage melee mode

-Modulary archwing

-Archwing melee revisit

-Old fames next revision pass (some need at least tweaked numbers...Hydroid and Grendel more than everything else)

-Railjack integration with open worlds

-Squad link

-Sorties 2.0

-3rd Orb fight

-Sergeant/Phorid boos fights revisions

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I really hope there will be more information about cross play/cross save.

Any indication on the timeframe for this to release?

How will the worlds collide/merge? Will the destroyed relays be merged back from the different platforms or will one platform be the base and the rest just use that?

Can people with multiple accounts merge their accounts from different platforms or just choose one to use on all platforms?

As we have noticed that anything that gets popular in game usually gets nerfed or removed instead of implementing more content like it, any chance a short and quick Railjack node could be added to Veil? As current missions there appear all complex and long and those of us who would love to fly something short and fun like Gian Point used to be are left hanging.

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Unsure if it's been asked yet, but since we're getting to play as other factions, will this be a permanent addition to the game, or will this only be for The New War? This new "play as other factions" mechanic would add some variety never before seen in Warframe. It'll be sorely disappointing if this is a one-and-done thing.

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I'll add to the cross save questions, if you happen to get to it: do we know yet if we'll be able to crossplay/save with any file (in the case we have multiple) or will we have to choose one? If I have to give up my switch file I will, but if that's the case I'll just stop playing it now 🤣 no sense in spending time on it if it's going to disappear once cross-save comes, because I'll choose my ps4 file where I'm farther ahead.


Also, @ the people mad about the timing, I understand your frustration (I'll probably be driving during the stream, sadface) but they have to pick some time to do it and they have players all over the world. No time they choose will work for everyone. 

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Will we be getting more hireable crew models?  I'd like to have a Solaris on my crew.  Maybe a Steel Meridian Lancer or a Perrin Sequence corpus crewman.  Those models are already rigged to use turret and piloting chairs. 


Additionally, will there be other uses for crew?  Only three are needed for the railjack, and we can hire many more than that.


There are still components of the loadout that are universal, instead of loadout bound.  Will there ever be a move to make the loadout fully loudout bound like you did with operator focus schools?  This includes most items in the vehicle category, like archwings.



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On 2021-08-23 at 4:02 PM, YikersDikers said:

Hell yeah, I've been waiting for the rerun. Will we see any new info about the Sentient Themed Warframe?


On a different note happy 3rd birthday Revenant.

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I just hope they bring up the feedback from last patch during the devstream, both about the arsenal rebalance and Yarelis (comparably) uselessness on anything higher than starchart stuff.
Been waiting so long to hear if there will be any changes based on the feedback from either of those things but tennocon and it's "recovery silence" got in the way.

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