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Adding utility and emphasis to companions


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So I was thinking, outside of Kavats running crit builds, there isn't much in the way of emphasis for building out companions, as they tend to be vastly overshadowed by our frames. I've been building out a MOA from Legs specifically for utility, namely hacking consoles and whatnot, and I hit upon the idea of a mod for companions, maybe even sentinels (slung underneath them like fuel tanks?). 

Saddle bags

  • R0-Companions can store a single <mission relevant item>, but it must be retrieved and stored by the player. 
  • R1-Increases capacity to 2 MRIs
  • R3-Companion will now actively search out X meters from the player for these items and pick them up. Player must manually pick them up off the companion to use them.
  • R4- Companion increases search area
  • R5-Companion will now use these items as necessary ( such as when an Excavation tower is empty of Energy cells ).
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