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End Of Missions Black Screen Bug


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This appears to be related to someone "loosing sync" or somesuch with the rest of the players.


at some point during the mission, one player will begin to be unable to switch weapons, pick up items, etc.

he can still shoot and damage mobs, but doors will not respond to him.


at the end of the mission you'll see the in-mission rewards screen. followed immediately by a black screen and you can still hear movement / firing of weapons if you choose to move / fire.


this will stay this way until said "desynced" player completely kills warframe (alt-f4, whatever)


that same player will not receive any items for completion, but the rest of the party will. i'm assuming because he's killed the program before the main ui mission rewards / stats screen appears.


i'm assuming this is related to the "fix" that was recently implemented to resolve this issue.



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yeah, i've had this happen 3 out of 7 missions to me today. i wasn't always the one glitching out. but it will halt missions completion for everyone until the affected player kills warframe. (might be a timeout feature too, i can't be certain)


internet stability doesn't seem to be a factor.

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more information is better for bug-hunters. 

sure, they might know exactly what's causing it etc. 

but you never know what tidbit of information will put them on the right track.

not trying to rage off and demand a solution now, but more feedback is better. =D

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I've been that guy quite a few times now.  It's not every game I play, but the longer ones, like T3 Def missions, seem to make it happen every time.  Not at the start, usually like wave 10-15.  I just lag out so much I can't interact with anything.  Things are going fine, next to no lag, then BAM!  No damage to enemies, no pick ups, doors won't open, skills won't affect enemies(and timed ones like nyx's mc and chaos will say "skill in use" for the rest of the lvl).  To everyone else, I'm just running into a wall the whole time.  To me, I'm just in limbo.  I can watch everyone else run around and finish the lvl lag free, but I can't do anything.


I can alt tab out of warframe and browse the internet lag free.  I can watch movies on Netflix while folks in T3 defences finish the mission (sorry random folks I've done that to).  While I'm in limbo, I seem to have a great connection to everything but Warframe.  The only constant seems to be a couple of chat disconnect messages I get everytime before it happens.  Those messages always lead to limbo and then the end of mission black screen (which will time out eventually, again, sorry folks).  Anyway, hope that helps solve this and a screenshot of the messages:



Edit: None of you saw that I forgot to take ext key off.

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I have been having similar occurrences, they seem to have gotten more frequent.  It happened to me several times yesterday.  Reach extraction, then black screen happens between me stepping into the ship and right before rewards screen ends.  When I get it, I usually end up dying from an unknown cause (no enemies present), with the black screen, in game audio (dulled), and the option to Forfeit or Revive.  Try to Revive: no change, I might be revived but can't see anything and can't trigger extract.  Try to Forfeit:  Can't Abort Mission because it says "you cannot abort from the mission, it has already been completed" or something similar to that.  Have to completely kill Warframe program either by Alt-F4 or Crtl-Alt-Delete -> Task Manager.  Mission items and XP not saved.  Hoping DE will be able to fix this bug by 10.7 or 10.8.

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