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Lost Relic and Reward cause of Host Migration


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Was in a Neo fissure mission. Someone disconnected at the last second at extraction, causing a host migration. It still displayed the reward picking timer for only 5 seconds but didnt show any rewards to select. After that the extraction stopped working no matter how long we stayed and kept going off and on it again. Had to abandon mission. Lost relic and reward I dont even know what it was

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I'll upvote this. Host Migration is bugged as $h!@fj <expletive deleted>. Just had a void mission. Wasted 2 radiant relics on it but only got 1 prime part. I blame host migration. In addition to the lost prime part, there are bugs with the whole migration process. At host migration, my fight was interrupted and when it resumed playing again, I was in a slightly different place. My Evil Twin (Wukong) was gone too. . . . Also, I no longer had the option to continue the mission after it took my second radiant relic. Couldn't choose to go another round.

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