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I've been around a while now and have built a massive dojo that's just ripe for someone with more artistic flair than myself to make look pretty.

The hope is that once I have 10 regular players and the remaining 9 dojo colours done, we'll expand to a Shadow clan so you get to be an OG... I am in a large, friendly alliance which helps while we build though.

I'm super laid back so my only asks are 1) don't troll the alliance chat 2) be nice 3) log in at least once over a 30 day period. No mastery requirement but I would prefer a vet/higher mr purely as I know newer players need their resources more so less able to contribute to new research or decoration building. 

I currently have 10 players but couple of them gone a bit over the 30 days so I'm gonna chase to see if returning and would make space if the above sounds just like what you're looking for so hit me up :)

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