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Tenet melee purchases aren't displaying purchased status percentage in inventory/fusion


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Sisters Update Bug Report Mega Thread doesn't load anymore so I'm putting this in here.

Just finished farming some holokeys in order to purchase a Tenet Grigori with 38% status. Upon going into Arsenal to valence fusion it with my existing weapon, I discovered it was now 28% (both when hitting "X" to preview and also on the fusion modal screen). 😕 

A) I may be misunderstanding the purchase process.  If the preview with Ergo is base status% plus an element AND THEN the bonus% is random at purchase... that seriously needs to be better communicated.

B) If the 38% is what I should have received, I'd appreciate someone helping me out with the missing 10%.  .... much salt in the holokey wounds. Full stop on holokey farming/purchases until that that bug is fixed.

I have screenshots if helpful. Purchased the 38% item maybe 15 minutes ago.

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