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Kela de Thaym stuck behind a door, then teleports to her cabin.


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1st time fighting Kela de Thaym. So far so good, got to the last stage where i do the puzzle and she comes back to the arena. She comes back jumping around the arena, charges into the door below the cabin and she gets stuck inside the door, after a little while she teleports into her cabin and now i can't do anything. I would have taken a screenshot of her stuck, but before i finally found out how to log into forums, the mission failed.

Update: Did it 2nd time, same last stage same issue, only difference is that she didn't jump up into the cabin so i had enough time to kill her through the door and i somewhat know what happend. During the last stage where she jumps around she jumped in front of the door and started summoning Rollers, after summoning she shot from her gun and then she did some sort of jump (looked like a bullet jump) into the door and she got stuck behind it. 

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