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what I think annoy player the most is when you put the same mod in two equipment and, when you exit the Arsenal, the message show up that 2 equipment using the same mod. Player have to manually go back in and change the mod setting again and again.


To fix this, the warning message should show up right when you put the mod that being used into another equipment.


the message should ask the player that they want to take out the mod from the equipment that using it, or not, and change to this equipment you want to put in. 




Another suggestion is,


The Mod that being used should have a sign, mark, or something to make player notice that the mod is already put into some equipment that currently using so player can notice easily to take out the mod from another equipment or use others that not yet used.


***feel free to add any idea on the comment below. I want to know how do you think about this, Thank you.

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