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Archwing launcher segment bugged not showing up, cant buy another


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I finally got around to building the archwing launcher segment I picked it up from the foundry and left, a yellow waypoint pointed at the foundry when i left to say it has installed and when I went to the arsenal to put the launcher in my gear wheel it wasn't there, I checked and it isn't in my inventory and annoyed i went back to the tenno lab to try to grab a new one, only for that to say I have one and so I cant build a new one. was wondering if I can get some assistance in this matter 

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17 hours ago, goromatic said:

the launcher

You said you crafted and installed the Launcher Segment, but you didn't mention anything about crafting the actual Launcher
(the Blueprint that is already in your Foundry when you first start the game), did you do that afterwards?

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