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Vandal And Wraith Frames


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For those of you who didn't see the latest livestream, it showed a teaser of some new warframe skins. But while these skins maybe cosmetic, how about some faction-specific skins?


This is here Vandal and Wraith Frames comes into play, being twisted under the Corpus (who knows, maybe that's what the zanuka project is doing) and Grineer (Tyl Regor anyone?) scientists, these frames their respective faction. Like other weapon skins they could give a + and - to stats that would link them to their specific faction.



Discuss forumites.

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Also FYI. 


Corpus gear goes to Vandal.

Grineer gear goes to Wraith.

Tenno gear goes to Prime.


We already have Prime warframes, Vandal and Wraith warframes wouldn't make sense. Unless they were reverse engineered and rebuilt by the Grineer/Corpus.

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