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Anyway I could fit this Riven into my Trumna build?



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Adding an arcane to that build will increase sustained DPS by roughly 90k.

Running an arcane and ditching serration for the riven will increase sustained DPS by about 20k but the damage does need to ramp up.

I'd re roll personally.

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58 minutes ago, -SilverWolfPrime- said:

What should it be rerolled for?


Well that's where theory meets reality unfortunately.

As a base rule I want stats that work within the eight slots I have, an example here would be toxin damage.

I could then replace malignant force with the riven, I'd loose status chance but the increased DPS might offset that.


Rivens roll random stats, the stats have a range the final values can fall in, on top of that the values are modified by the number/type of stats. 2+, 2+1-, 3+, 3+1-.

The current riven.

+26.5 Damage vs. Infested  This is almost worst than useless because it is costing you by existing.

+89.1% Damage, +62.4% Critical Damage These values are sadly bottom of the barrel values for the disposition.


A duel stat with highest values would have been

+134.55 damage

+98 CD


You could have also rolled

+166 damage

+121 CD

-39.6 zoom.


So basically reroll until you get usable stats.

With the new arcanes I'd not worry too much about damage for guns, multishot and CD followed by CC as well an elemental being useful.

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I’ve got a fire rate/multi shot -zoom on my Trumna, and it’s hard for me to think of a much better roll. The bonus with galvanized chamber gets it to 3.9 multi shot once it’s ramped up. It definitely benefits form the fire rate too. I tend to go for two stat rolls on weapons with low disposition. Getting three stat rolls with good enough grades is just asking for too much with the current riven rolling system. 

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