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Stabbed Lich Twice on Earth and Now They're Lvl. 3


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So I was hunting my Kuva Lich on Earth and when they finally showed up, the game let me stab them twice somehow, testing the same Requiem sequence. They are now Level 3 and have skipped over Mars and went straight to Ceres.

Unfortunately I don't have much documentation because I didn't realize what was happening until after the mission ended, but uh... What?

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I can testify it happened in my case too. The attempts show I've only done twice but it hit rank 4.
Might be because I spammed the X button but I've hit it quite inconsistently so far so I can't tell what's exactly causing it. I think I've also had seperate cases the Lich/Sister didn't despawn outright after failing allowing another attempt (and fail).


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