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Escape hatch from bottom of elevators please! cannot get out when playing solo if I fall down there!


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Please add a maintenance hatch I can escape from.


I keep falling out of elevators. either from cc, or transferring into operator at the wrong moment. 

Anyway, once I've fallen down, depending on the map, the top doors of the elevator opens up, while I'm stuck beneath the elevator floor and the elevator car depending on the map.

In a group, having my friend push the button to summon elevator on the bottom floor sends the elevator car plummeting on top of my head, which dumps me out of the map into either infinite fall, or I get back into the map eventually maybe.


Worse: Some maps have elevator bottoms which are filled with toxin procs, which will kill me ever so slowly. so I'm stuck down there dying slowly and re-rezzing myself.

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